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Why AppExplorer?


Last time we looked there were over 500,000 apps in the app store. With so many apps available it is getting pretty hard to find that one app you are looking for.

Finding that app by looking at page after page of app icons doesn't sound like fun to us.


AppExplorer helps you quickly find the app you are looking for with just enough information to narrow down your options quickly. You can easily filter by category, price, or user rating. Sort by price, popularity, rating, or newest apps first.

(If you insist on viewing page after page of just icons - we have an option for that too.)

You can even find apps that haven't been written yet - you can set up an email alert to let you know when a new app has been been added that has a title or description containing words of interest to you.

Get price drop alerts on apps you are following.


To improve your search experience, check out our short list of search tips.

What else?

We provide overall app statistical information at the App Stats page and some app-specific analytics (ranking and price history) on each app description page. We can also provide more extensive data - contact us at analytics(at)appexplorer(dot)com.

Talk to us

We are always interested in your comments and suggestions - use the Contact link at the top of the page or send mail to info(at)appexplorer(dot)com. If you're interested in having your app displayed as a sponsored link, please send a note to adinfo(at)appexplorer(dot)com.

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